In the spring of 2001, I was invited by Dr. John Warme of the Colorado School of Mines, to join his expedition to the Alamo Breccia in Nevada, the Upheaval Dome, Utah, and Canyonlands, Utah. My article about the expedition ("Beneath the Invisible Sea: Hiking the Alamo Breccia") can be found in the February 2002 issue of Meteorite magazine.

Click any image to enlarge   [above] Detail of the Alamo Breccia — created 370 million years ago, by a meteorite impact in the prehistoric sea that once covered central Nevada. The rust-colored fragments are fossil stromatoporoids  [top right]  Matt Morgan, Dr. Keenan Lee, and Dr. Marjorie Chan take a breather during the hike up Tempiute Mountain  [center right]  Cliff faces near the top of Tempiute Mountain  [bottom right]  The whole gang: participants in the Geological Society of America Field Forum: Bolide Impacts on Wet Targets, Spring 2001

Design and production on my Alamo Breccia Expedition website is still in progress. I have over 400 photographs to edit and post here, so please stop back soon to see the rest of them.

Geoffrey Notkin
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