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Geoff Notkin
Described by the media as "one of the rock stars of science," Geoff Notkin hosted Science Channel's award-winning adventure series Meteorite Men and the Emmy Award-winning STEM Journals. He is also an internationally recognized authority on meteorites, a widely published author and photographer, a musician, world traveler, adventurer, and film producer. Geoff is the founder of Aerolite Meteorites Inc, a world leader in meteorite recovery and research.
SPACEFLIGHT Geoff is President Emeritus of the National Space Society (NSS), a member of the Board of Governors of the NSS and on the Board of Directors of the Astrosociological Research Institute.
SCIENCE A major figure in meteorite studies, Geoff has found space rocks on four continents and worked with most of the world's top institutions. His company, Aerolite Meteorites, provides meteorite specimens to researchers and collectors worldwide. The minor planet 139204, discovered at Mount Palomar, was named after Geoff in recognition of his contributions to science, education, and the arts.
WRITING Geoff's is the author of numerous books including the IPPY Award-winner "How to Find Treasure from Space: The Expert Guide to Meteorite Hunting," and "Rock Star: Adventures of a Meteorite Man."
MUSIC AND ART An accomplished art director, photographer and musician, Geoff has worked with numerous leading lights in music and the graphic arts. He is a graduate of New York's School of Visual Arts and has recorded and performed with visionary singer/songwriter Lach, as well as members of the Bongos, Washington Squares, Band of Susans, Television, Voice of the Beehive, and many other influential musicians.

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